how to know whether the research chemicals you're buying are safe or not

When you buy something, they don’t always come with a guarantee, right? At times the product expires, is not up to the mark or up to your expectations. In order to know whether the research chemicals that you are interested in buying to start your research is safe or not, you need to ask those who have used it or simply rely on the knowledge present about it so far.

Is it safe or not?

When it comes to a research chemical, nothing can be said about its safety. Unless and until the chemical is used to carry out different trials and its effect is observed on the body, nothing can be said about its effects, side effects and the exact chemical nature.

This is why it is really hard to suggest whether a new chemical is safe, physically or chemically, or not?

Few safe chemical substances:

As many researches are already made over the time in the field of medical research, it is possible to suggest whether the respective substance is safe for use or not. This is possible for only those chemicals which have been studied several times and now there characteristics are known. Experimenting with the following substances is considered relatively safe:

· 4-substitued tryptamines

· LSD-analogues

· MXE in few cases